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Join us for an unforgettable African safari adventure with outstanding wildlife photography in Kenya’s priceless private wildlife conservancies.

Exclusive, Authentic, Inspiring

The Kicheche Safari Experience

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Bringing you closer
A different but equally intense safari perspective, gained through escorted walks on the plains…
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Game Drives
Explore our wilderness
Explore our wilderness watching wildlife at close range, but without encroaching. Conservancy safaris are unlike anywhere else with off-road driving permitted and limits on vehicles. Our silver qualified guides belong to the top 5% in Kenya and their instincts and experience will provide superb wildlife opportunities whether you are photographer or animal enthusiast. Our customized 4WD vehicles are designed to give perfect views on safari whether your quarry is elephants, buffalo, impala or our fabled predator population. Mara Conservancies are the only area in East Africa where lion numbers are growing, this is not by co-incidence.
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Photography Experience
In the frame
Our camps are ideally located in some the most spectacular private wildlife conservancies in Kenya and are the perfect bases for wildlife photography of the Masai Mara and Laikipia.
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Family Safaris Experience
Expanding your kids' horizon
While the whole ethos of Kicheche is based around a small camp sharing safari experiences, we understand that after a whole year of work and often stress back home, it is nice for families to enjoy their African safari retreat on their own sometimes.
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Connecting & inspiring
The Kicheche Community Trust focuses on primary, secondary and other study programs We are active in Mara North Conservancy, Olare Motorogi and Naboisho Conservancy in Mara as well as Ol Pejeta in Laikipia. We have also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Maa Trust water projects and SAFE – a superb Kenyan charity trying to eradicate the abomination that is FGM.
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Wild Camping
The great escape
Take an escorted game walk in one of our Mara wildlife conservancies to camp in our private mobile campsite which has been set up specifically for your party.The following morning after breakfast take another walk back to camp (vehicle transfers also available).
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Wildlife Conservation
Saving their natural world
Get closer to the world of wildlife conservation by learning about ongoing research projects in our wildlife conservancies.
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Laikipia Active Safaris
Natural Highs
Kicheche Laikipia offers a marvelous opportunity to try something different while on an African safari adventure or Kenya holiday. Visit the last remaining Northern White Rhinos on the planet, canoe on the waterhole in front of camp, walk and wild camp in the in the Lolldaigas hills, jump from the waterfall in the Ngare Ndare, horse ride with rhino or cycle across the Ol Pejeta Plains.
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Bush Weddings
Uniting in nature
Looking for a small but unique venue to hold your wedding? We have the most spectacular, private safari settings for your special day.
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The World of Kicheche

Latest Updates

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Built to Last

It's game on for another season across four Conservancies and our four Kicheche camps. Fortunately, we were spared any damage during the reported rains last month. We were keen to help by donating towards relief projects in Nairobi and the Masai Mara. As the sun shines again, our camp teams are fired up following a fantastic pre-season pow-wow with our camp managers, head chefs, and guides. In this forum, we exchanged our thoughts and ideas and introduced new initiatives to drive the Kicheche guest experience to new levels.


Spending hours with the lions requires patience. They spend much of their time asleep or lazily ambling around. When they attack they often fail, advancing in poor formation with little control. However, when they do wake up and get properly active, there are few more exhilarating sights. To hear them roar however, particularly together, is well worth the wait. Enough of the England football team for now though.

Breaking Barriers

As we celebrate #MenstrualHygieneDay, it's time to build a #PeriodFriendlyWorld where girls can easily access affordable menstrual products to reach their fullest potential.


where to go

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Our Locations
Private protected wilderness
We only operate in Kenya’s private wildlife conservancies to ensure the highest quality African safari and Kenya holiday experience to our guests and repeat guests. Top of the range game viewing and wildlife photography yet in an uncrowded pristine environment. Furthermore, these conservancies have secured over 250,000 acres of wildlife habitat through their rigorous wildlife conservation activities.
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Our Camps
Exclusive bush sanctuaries for the perfect African Safari
Exclusive bush sanctuaries for your perfect African safari & Kenya Holiday.
Welcome to our luxury safari sanctuaries.
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why kicheche

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    – Wildlife densities are among the highest in Africa
    – 4WD safari vehicles only, no minivans permitted
    – Strict regulations on vehicle conduct to prevent overcrowding

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    What makes for a great wildlife photography safari? Access to wildlife; a guide who understands photography as well as animal behavior; the right position for the best natural light and, ideally; privacy.

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    We believe in a better tomorrow for the communities upon whose land we operate. These communities have shown outstanding vision to set aside their land for wildlife conservation.


wildlife conservation champions

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    25% of our turnover goes into Wildlife Conservation, securing wildlife habitat and management of conservancies.
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    $250 per guest are allocated to Wildlife Conservation and Community projects.
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    Founding members of our THREE Masai Mara Wildlife Conservancies ensuring 150,000 acres of wildlife habitat is preserved.
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    Kicheche founder Greg Monson serves as Chairman of Olare Motorogi Conservancy and Treasurer of Masai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association growing and protecting the wider Mara eco-system.

See how Masai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association is working to expand the Greater Mara Ecosystem here


our guides

Our entire guiding team is graded Silver, the top 5% of Kenya’s safari guides
We pride ourselves on the quality of our guides who are experienced in working with different photographers. Our guides not only have the most up to date knowledge on where to locate fauna but they are also used to their habits and behaviour.

Our Story – Kicheche

We are
Kicheche Safari Camps


Sustainability with Kicheche

Chris Packham CBE, English naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author walks and talks you through a Sustainable Kicheche safari.



what our clients say

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This stay has made us feel a connection to Kenya that we hope to continue to develop. You have all done a huge service to not just Kicheche camp company, but to your country. When we return home, we will spread the goodwill we felt from all of you, in the hope of encouraging others to know Kenya and to help support your country. We are honoured to feel this sense of brotherhood. Asante sana!
Nancy & Darrel
What a life changing safari experience to an amazing destination with such warm staff who spend their lives fulfilling the dreams of each of their guest. I left with such a sad heart, but with the hope and dream to someday return to this magical place which changes each of us, one at a time ...forever. Keep up your wonderful work!
I had no idea what to expect but l definitely wasn’t expecting this level of service and hospitality. Exceptional is the only word l can use to describe it.

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