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Explore our wilderness watching wildlife at close range, but without encroaching. Conservancy safaris are unlike anywhere else with off-road driving permitted and limits on vehicles.

Our silver qualified guides belong to the top 5% in Kenya and their instincts and experience will provide superb wildlife opportunities whether you are photographer or animal enthusiast. Our customized 4WD vehicles are designed to give perfect views on safari whether your quarry is elephants, buffalo, impala or our fabled predator population. Mara Conservancies are the only area in East Africa where lion numbers are growing, this is not by co-incidence.

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Watching wildlife at close range, but without encroaching on their space, is endlessly fascinating and the quintessence of every African safari or Kenya Holiday. Our guides’ instincts and safari experience will provide superb wildlife photography opportunities. Our customized 4WD safari vehicles are designed to give a perfect view.

EV1, one of the first electric vehicles in the Mara

EV1 glides onto the plains of Mara North Conservancy as one of the first electric vehicles in the Mara. No diesel combustion engine, no gearbox, no fuel tank and no more carbon emissions!  We are amped up to provide the cleanest solar energy with 6,600 watts of solar panels set up at Kicheche Mara to charge our fleet’s frugal flagship, EV1, the horse-power-whisper. To be booked on an exclusive use.

night game drives

Night Game Drives are offered to enable guests the chance to observe lesser seen nocturnal species. Our 4WD safari vehicles are fitted with a hand-held filtered spotlight for your convenience in the dark. Resident nocturnal species you may spot on your night drive include aardvark, genet, bat-eared fox, striped hyena, serval, honey badger, civet and zorilla. Night drives are available at Laikipia and Valley Camps.

modified photography vehicles

Modified photography vehicles provide photographers an extra lower edge in order to enable them to capture their award winning shots. One side of the vehicle drops down, allowing photographers to lie flat and capture eye-level images in comfort, with soft padded flooring, lens platforms, and bean bags all provided. The vehicle is suitable for a maximum of 3 people and must be booked on an exclusive use basis.

our guides

We pride ourselves on the quality of our guides who are experienced and well versed in working with internationally acclaimed wildlife photographers. They not only have the most up to date knowledge on where to locate fauna but they are also used to their habits and behavior.

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7 days = 7 leopards; 3 kills, 1 cub; 12 cheetah; 1 kill, 1 near miss, 1 seriously embarrassing fail, 5 cubs; x lions; 2 kills, lots of happy cubs; 2 hyenas mating… Priceless !
Nicholas Dodd
Kicheche Bush camp was very well placed in a good conservancy which enabled us to have the most brilliant sightings of animals. In one morning we saw a pride of lions with cubs eating a fresh kill, we watched a leopard and her cub for about 2 hours, and we saw 6 cheetahs - we could not have wished for more! We also saw the wildebeest crossing which was lucky.
Rochussen Family
Another fantastic stay, 11 leopards, 8 cheetahs, 3 cheetah hunts, 1 lion chase, 1 leopard chase. The guides are amazing. I am looking forward to coming back.
Sandie Cox

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