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Hi Milcah and the team at Kicheche, we would like to thank you for arranging the most perfect wedding day and family trip. Everything ran smoothly and the quality that Kicheche provides surprised our guests. Thank you especially for always being on hand for our many emailed questions, and helping us feel relaxed about our visit.

Patrick and Sarah – UK

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        Josephine was a god sent. She took care of everything for us but also for our 2 guests. She arranged transport in and out Nairobi airports for them and back to their hotel but also gave us so many advices with regard to our itinerary, never losing her mind when we spent months (I kid you not) deciding on a timeline / another Kicheche camp vs the coast / how long to stay and what activities to book etc...). Josephine held my hand for the past 5 years and never wavered in her faith that we would get there in the end and it would all work out.
        Ines Ongenda - France.
        Thank you Simon for helping us to build a safari itinerary that achieves our safari goals while maintaining our budgetary constraints. Given the significant cost and ``once in a lifetime`` nature of our African Safari holiday, we found your courteous, forthright, and timely responses to be the ``difference maker`` in our selection of Kicheche Mara. Just so you know, your personal professionalism is notably absent from other Mara camps and represents a clear competitive advantage for Kicheche.
        Darryl & Catherine Miclat - USA

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