Daily Mail

A young leopard ransacks a warthog's burrow in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Masai Mara, Kenya.

S.A.F.E Travel

F.G.M. (Female genital mutilation for the uninitiated) is an abomination. This barbaric practice is carried out all over the world yet prosecutions are rare and this hideous butchery goes on unabated.

Rain on the parade

Misguided guidebooks constantly crap on about ‘the best time for wildlife is in the dry season when predators concentrate around water etc….blah’.

Sunset Strips

The words ‘Africa’ and ‘sunset’ are coupled almost unconsciously, yet the Mara’s dusks are unlike any other. These biblical skies are impossible to predict, frequently appearing when all hope is lost after banks of grey cloud have scudded along the distant escarpments.

High Society

Life at 2000 metres produces ‘rare’ sights but only a rare guide such as Andrew Obaga can find, then record them with such élan.