Ten is the magic number

Consistent rains have drummed along the plains and pastures of the Mara and beyond, ensuring multi-coursed meals for the ruminants when they arrive shortly. Kicheche’s season finished in celebratory fashion.

Drive Time

Can we yet again offer our sincere and auspicious congratulations to Bush Camp for their satirical and spectacular Spot last week. However in the interests...

Normal service resumed

Just because Kicheche has closed its canvas for a couple of months does not mean the Mara shuts down like a BA circuit board.

The Feline Trinity

Lavish rains have leavened the plains, turning manicured lawns into brilliant basil baize with the oat grass ears turning yellower than a strip of match-fixing tape.

Bad day at Kicheche

For several days Bush Camp alumni have been increasingly concerned about the whereabouts of the Fig’s yearling. They need not have worried.