Herding Cats

Even the humblest student of felines will have clicked the series link on the remarkable BBC’s Big Cats these past few weeks. Even the third episode was enthralling and fascination (much against my predictions).

Rain Spots

Almost every morning last week was blessed by a coruscating sunrise, a blazing mid-morning with the kind of light nature lovers and photographers fantasize about.

Family Fortune

As a parent there are surely few things more rewarding than seeing one’s own likes and loves inherited by one’s children.

Kicheche Conservancy Collection Family offer ’18

Very few holiday destinations can rival Africa for its ability to enthrall, excite and educate children.

Protection Racket

Last week one of Kicheche’s favorite son’s witnessed a remarkable act of bravery from one of the Mara’s favorite daughters.

‘La La’ Land

The Mara is in the middle of a sunny dry season. This makes for remarkable early predator viewing but later on these felines become catatonic.

Cut to the chase

Sometimes people just don’t deserve it. Paul Hancock rolls into camp, a Kicheche virgin, with just one callow afternoon game drive under his not inconsiderable belt.

Spots of the year

As many stagger tenderly into a new year, a baker’s dozen of Kicheche vehicles left their grassy blocks on New Year’s day, their engines purring over black cotton corrugations.