Final Score

In the rarefied plains of Laikipia you cannot judge by the final tally alone. Often herds of buffalo send lions packing as they are mortal enemies and more are killed by each other than anything else.

Playing the Game

The threesome of prominent, principle predators in one game drive is always worthy of documentation: Valley Camp cheetah mums and cubs...

Pride of Kicheche

Two Words for Spot this week - James. Nampaso.

Year of the Dog

2018 is the year of the dog, so the Olare Conservancy duly obliged with this gorgeously topical display. We had five girls in camp with over a year of Bush Camp nights to their name, all of them aware you get a lot for your ‘pound’ there. This was a superb festive display, dogs in a manger if you like.


The charcoal stallion stands aloof: preening like Poldark, simpering like Kohli and pouting like Mourinho. He postures perpendicular to the un-ending snorting artery behind him and will venture into the turbulent waters

Coming out in Spots

It is rare Spot features the same species several weeks running, but such is the proliferation of cheetahs that I find myself in a tight spot (sorry).

Border Control

The word ‘coalition’ is generally employed to describe a perceived harmony between two odious political parties who have neutered past hostilities in the collective craving for greed and power.

Who’s the Daddy

Now just what is in the water in Naboisho right now? This Conservancy is more lively than the Oval office recruitment center.

Heads or Tails

Sometimes it is just about being there at the right time. Rarely. It is almost always a diligent quest, then patient and often lonely vigil. Particularly with leopards.

Short-term gain

Nothing worse than toiling all day before finally catching something, only for the opposition to cash in. Mara North may be a perfect battleground for new boys hunting but there are always some cynical old heavyweights happy to filibuster proceedings.