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The Kicheche Family Safari Program offers the perfect holiday escape for families to bond, relax and create unforgettable memories together.

inspiring curiosity

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children and one of the greatest gifts we can give them today is to inspire them to be curious about the natural world and to become globally aware.

Taking your entire family to the African wilderness for close encounters with both nature and traditional African ways may just be close to perfect for combining what’s best for your children and an unforgettable family holiday!

Whilst on safari, the entire family gets to bond while discovering new horizons together and sharing a sense of achievement as a deeper understanding of these new environments and cultures unfolds.

discover traditional ways beyond digital

There’s more than just unforgettable memories of sunsets and wild animals a safari may have in store for you.

Africa’s cultures and spectacular wilderness encapsulate many principles and highlights that many of us may have long forgotten in our urban and digitized worlds.

Rediscovering these principles may be a life changing experience for the entire family.

the kicheche family program

While the safety of your family comes first, we go the extra mile to make sure families, in particular, get the most out of their safari holiday.

Our family program is set out to bring families together to learn, bond and celebrate on the backdrop of Africa’s most spectacular wilderness and includes luxury family accommodation solutions thoughtfully combined with dedicated family activities and care.

dedicated family activities

Kicheche offers a range of activities that will allow your family to either break up into groups based on different interests, age or fitness levels or bring all generations together.

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    On a family holiday your children will probably also want to have contact with other children their age and explore and learn in a child friendly environment. We have established the Kicheche Kids Club to do just that.

    The club offers a wide range of close to nature and child-friendly activities supervised and moderated by professionally trained child minders. While Kicheche’s top guides bring the studies, your children left at home to life, you get to plan for some quality couple time together.

family privacy

While Kicheche’s key ethos is based around a small camp – only 6-8 tents – sharing safari experiences, we also understand that after a whole year of work and often stress back home, it’s nice for families to connect and enjoy moments of their holiday on their own.

Kicheche offers both dedicated family suites and quad tents in our Mara and Laikipia camps. Family guests thereby get that extra privacy and space they need to warrant for a relaxed holiday together.

Family Suite

The family suite is a perfect new addition to the Kicheche Mara and Laikipia Camps dedicated to the particular needs of families and features two separate bedrooms (double & twin/triple) with ensuite bathrooms. The two bedrooms are connected by a lounge furnished with sofa’s and a private dining area.

Quad Tents

Quad tents, offering a generous sleeping area for four persons are also available at Kicheche Mara camp.

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what our clients say

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Magical stay, wonderful memories created for the family !
Ginn family - UK
We were overwhelmed by how much we loved our time at Kicheche. We will recommend it to our family and friends. The food and accommodation make Kicheche worth returning to. Our children felt welcome, loved “glamping” and were well fed.
Vassallo family, KLC
Even my fussy children have eaten like kings and queens.
Lisa Maddison, KLC

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