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added values

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    Tailored Vehicles – spacious, open sided, open roof land cruisers complete with recharging facilities. Lens platforms and bean bags provided. To book a vehicle on an exclusive use basis for ultimate flexibility costs $350 per day.
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    Expert Guides – All our guides are experienced in working with photographers and select optimal positions at sightings; taking both lighting and animal behavior into account.
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    Flexible Game Drives – We do not impose limits on the length of game drives. They are often extended to a full day if required. We also offer complete meal flexibility; picnic breakfast ,or lunch can be provided daily for extended time in the field
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    Exclusive Locations – In the heart of wildlife rich conservancies, our camp locations ensure every moment in our vehicles offers the potential for rich photographic rewards.

Lens hire available at Kicheche Bush Camp
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hall of fame

A few of the esteemed photographers who have graced our camps over the years.

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    Greg Du Toit
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    Jonathan Scott
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    Kaziras Kyriakos
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    Jonathan Wright
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    Helen & Grant Atkinson
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    Peter Smart
  • Image
    Austin Thomas
  • Image
    Bob Brind-Surch
  • Image
    Andy Howe
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    Lionel Maye


spot of the week

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Rain, grown-up rain, clear skies then 1500+ metres of altitude going to work on the saturated short-grass of Naboisho Conservancy produces mist .... a photographer's dream. However, lions playing over their meal .... killers in the mist .... do not earn the garlands this week.

Hart in mouth.

Those five cheetah boys need scant introduction having patrolled the plains and Conservancies of the Mara with impunity for almost four years. To see them perform takes time, hard time, proper time as they have taken sloth to a fatiguing level of frustration.

Back in the game.

Acres of caustic prose have been written about 2020, Spot of the Week has no intention of adding to this pile of cynicism. Right now a savage storm is ripping across the Mara Conservancies leavening already fertile grasslands. In Laikipia lions are dragging down a buffalo, before parading across the highlands in front of both Mt Kenya and some indifferent white rhino.

Kicheche can remember.

In terms of wilderness, a year is a short period. In terms of just about everything else in 2020 it seems like an eternity. Throughout these troubled times Kicheche has been overwhelmed by not only the people who have jumped through the many hoops to visit, but also the many heartfelt messages of support to say nothing of the thousands of dollars raised for the Conservancies.

Ready Four This?

The Five Musketeers are now four. Yesterday four of them turned on the remaining one and gave it a hell of a shoeing. Sadly it appears that the unfortunate recipient may have lost an eye; what it certainly has lost is three years of companionship.

Good as Gold

Any Olympic gold medal winner will tell you that winning is hard but retaining is almost impossible. Kicheche Bush Camp has just retained its ECO-Gold award for the fourth year in succession, the Sir Stephen Redgrave of safari pennants. This has been attained despite incredibly difficult trading circumstances.


what our clients say

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Excellent sightings, drivers and being in the right place at the right time. Every opportunity to get the best photos possible. The photography is the main purpose for my being here and I cannot be more pleased.
Bob - KMC
As a tour leader I have stayed at many camps in East Africa and I can honestly say Kicheche Mara is in the top due to its guides and it’s hospitality. An important factor for me also is its special accommodations for photographers. I plan many return visits.
Lois - USA
Jimmy understands photography and gets the vehicle in just the right position.
Janet & Richard - UK

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