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Come and expose yourself correctly at our four camps.

added values

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    Tailored Vehicles – spacious, open sided, open roof land cruisers complete with recharging facilities. Lens platforms and bean bags provided. For ultimate flexibility, book a vehicle on an exclusive use basis. Photography vehicles available in the Mara, with one side of the vehicle dropping down, allowing photographers to lie flat and capture eye-level images in comfort, with soft padded flooring, lens platforms, and bean bags all provided.  to book on exclusive use basis.
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    Expert Guides – All our guides are experienced in working with photographers and select optimal positions at sightings; taking both lighting and animal behavior into account.
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    Flexible Game Drives – We do not impose limits on the length of game drives. They are often extended to a full day if required. We also offer complete meal flexibility; picnic breakfast ,or lunch can be provided daily for extended time in the field
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    Exclusive Locations – In the heart of wildlife rich conservancies, our camp locations ensure every moment in our vehicles offers the potential for rich photographic rewards.

hall of fame

A few of the esteemed photographers who have graced our camps over the years.

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    Greg Du Toit
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    Jonathan Scott
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    Kaziras Kyriakos
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    Jonathan Wright
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    Helen & Grant Atkinson
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    Federico Veronesi
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    Austin Thomas
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    Bob Brind-Surch
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    Andy Howe
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    Lionel Maye



spot of the week

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And Rest…

At around seven thirty last Tuesday as the nasturtium sky finally dimmed, Charles Wandero carefully nosed his cruiser into the Bush Camp covered lot, before finishing his vehicle's paperwork. He sighed, peacefully, then took the keys to the office before berthing his weathered optics in their felt case where they will lay in convalescence for six weeks. Charles smiled, just as Peter was doing in Laikipia and Saruni at Mara Camp to say nothing of Esther at Valley. The storms of January were distant memories and they all chuckled with a demob satisfaction. They deserve their rest but will be champing to return at the start of the season. So will you be ...we hope.


Meet Richard Barrett, it looks like he knows his F-Stops from his bus stops. Richard has spent a good chunk of this year across all of Kicheche's stable. Not for the first time either.

Mara North’s High Table

It used to be that only a Reserve lion coalition would take down hippos, some fifteen years ago. Not anymore. It appears that the Mara North River pride are developing a taste for this gargantuan meal and are hunting them when they ply their nocturnal grazing.

Taken by Storm

Anyone wanting to see Kenya at its fertile best should come soon. The grass is a rich fecund green. The plains bursting with game that are either pregnant or dropping (or at least half of them are). The mud-rallying game drives are a thing of the past.

Twala Time

'I've been on seven safaris, but Kicheche Valley Camp is the only one I've ever returned to' so spoke the charming Amy Battis as she arrived at Kicheche's Naboisho stronghold for the second time.

Ups and Downs

An open Boscia tree in the heart of Naboisho Conservancy. Short grass, two leopards and Sankuet being rather greedy with two Thomson's kills. Unfortunately with a cub as boisterous and mischievous as this young five-month-old scamp, accidents generally happen.


what our clients say

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My group LOVED everything about the camp, the staff, guides and food. It was just perfect, the best experience !
Suzi Eszterhas
As a tour leader I have stayed at many camps in East Africa and I can honestly say Kicheche Mara is in the top due to its guides and it’s hospitality. An important factor for me also is its special accommodations for photographers. I plan many return visits.
Lois - USA
Jimmy understands photography and gets the vehicle in just the right position.
Janet & Richard - UK

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