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All interactions with staff were a wonderful combination of personable/ friendly/ informative/ courteous. Love what the team is doing here.

Thomas – UK

Our Passion

Wildlife numbers have declined dramatically throughout Africa over the last few decades. The primary cause is not poaching or hunting but habitat loss which is largely driven by a growing human population competing for resources hence the critical need for Conservancies.

The creation of them has enabled the protection of the habitat whilst providing an important revenue stream for the landowning communities in addition to jobs and security, all funded by tourism, plus social welfare projects funded by donors. All Kicheche camps are located inside Conservancies. Our founder is the chairman of Olare Conservancy and like his staff, swallowed the ethic whole about these precious parcels of land and wildlife havens.

Our Founders

Kicheche founders Greg Monson & Paul Goldstein celebrated the Millennium around a campfire in the Masai Mara unaware that six months later they would be launching their first camp on the nearby Lemek Plains. Their vision was to provide authentic African safari experiences by creating a team of outstanding guides and encouraging guests to spend as much time in the field as possible while on their Kenya safari.

Paul’s skills, success and enthusiasm in the guiding and photographic realm led to more and more wildlife photographers (both professional and amateur) choosing Kicheche as their preferred destination in Kenya. Paul, an multi-award winning photographer based in the UK, continues to lead photographic trips all over the world with his passion for capturing the natural world at its finest decidedly undimmed. His favorite destination is, naturally enough, still the Mara Conservancies.

Greg, based in Kenya, runs the operation and has achieved two of his major objectives to date a) to create an all Silver Guiding Team at Kicheche and b) the establishment of 3 stunning conservancies across the northern Mara landscape.
They both still somehow get on. They both still support Tottenham.

Kicheche founders Greg Monson & Paul Goldstein, in the early 2000’s

Our People

Meet The Kicheche Team

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The journey, with a loyal band of incredible employees, has resulted in the establishment of four camps and more importantly created a marker in standards of how to operate safaris with integrity and create transformative experiences for many thousands of guests over the years.

Going the distance

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Head of Housekeeping
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Waitress at Kicheche Valley
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Kicheche Community Trust
Community Trust and Sustainability Coordinator
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what our clients say

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We have visited 3 other countries and this camp is the best, especially the friendliness of the staff. We could not ask for more. Thank you!
Allan & Pauline
This was our first African safari experience and we were very impressed! We will definitely recommend to friends and family for their Kenya holiday. Food and accommodation were great. We will be coming back, your staff were so great and we appreciate your dedication to preservation of the Mara; Eco friendly camp.
Jesicca - USA
This has been my 9th Safari in this camp, it’s the best I have ever stayed at. I can’t wait to return.
Fred - UK

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