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Off the Scale

Leopards, lions, cheetahs and now this!! My safari card has been punched. Thanks, Kicheche Bush Camp and our guide Charles Wandero!!! L.Hagan Michigan U.S.A

I, Claudia

It's all Swiss to me this week: they somehow knock those champion Gallic peacock's off their perch and yet again it is them scoring goals at Kicheche, this time from Valley Camp. I give you Claudia Isler: 'Having been in one of the Kicheche camps almost every year since 2010, I was longing to be back to see everyone again'.

Cheetah’s coming home.


Stars & Stripes

Thank you State Department for being infected with the 'sensible' variant and encouraging further travel to Kenya. No amendments, no nonsense, just a simple constitution: you have been vaccinated twice, you can travel. Oh and by the way the US has classified Kenya's status level as 'safer' than the UK and Europe too...

Swiss Watch

So those perpetual trouble-makers the Swiss have created more nonsense by telling their citizens that they can actually travel with just a PCR test. How dare they treat their people as grown ups, Swiss barmy lives (I worked hard on that one) clearly matter little.

Getting the needle

The inbox is still brimming with 'take me theres' and indeed your heartfelt messages of frustration and support which mean a great deal to us. Thank you.

Smart Move

They keep filling the inbox. We will endeavour to post on social media but please be patient. If there are a collection of very similar images we will just choose the best one, but keep them coming ... and THANK YOU. Anyway, let me introduce you to seasoned alumni Peter Smart. The Kicheche logos should give you an idea of his vintage, he has led over fifty (50) photographic safaris into Mara Camp - both venues.

Take Me There – take II

As we have been inundated with some wonderful 'takeaways', we will use every possible platform to feature them (well, most of them).

Take Me There

"The granite above Kicheche Mara Camp is my favourite place on earth. I can see for miles, there are animals aplenty and most importantly it means I am 'home'. " D.T. Shropshire, UK Currently we are stalled at a red light. Thank you for the fertile acres of frustrated prose you have sent to us supporting Kicheche and the Conservancies, particularly pertinent today on Earth Day. The pain we feel is clearly reciprocated. Right now a distraction is called for judging by your yearning messages.

Sleepy Hollow

You know the mark of anyone when they go above and beyond. Waaaaay beyond. Jimmy Tinka and David Nchoe are off duty, one even at home on leave. Yesterday afternoon Jimmy picked up a sketchy text: something about a Tamarind tree and leopards. The plural was not wasted on him.

Crown Caught

When Valley Camp royalty like Bernard Soit exclaim they have never seen a particular eagle before, you know you are talking twitching nobility.

Dyer need for a safari

Meet Laura Dyer, Kicheche has become her Hotel California ... she 'can try to check out any time she likes but she can never leave'. Laura extended her safari three times, finally returning home after five weeks. Thank you Laura, these are her heartfelt lyrics:


The plains of Laikipia still remain a high altitude garrison for rhino. Within minutes from Kicheche's northern stronghold, the black and white numbers are not only stable, but flourishing. Spending time with these prehistoric ruminants is not just good for the eye, but for the soul. This area of Kenya remains seemingly impregnable, yet it is not the same all over Africa and elsewhere. Rhinos need protection everywhere, this is obvious, but they also need tourists. They do NOT need petty rules and redlists denying them priceless tourism dollars.

Sign of the Times

A couple of days ago I read an itinerant post of safari one-upmanship braying that 'the best part of their bargain-priced safari was that they had the whole place to themselves'. This is the fundamental challenge that is facing the safari industry. These pilgrims probably could not see beyond their camouflage but for many the suffering is very real and widespread.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Optimism is a valuable but rarified commodity right now for just about everyone, but particularly those in community-based tourism. Everytime a hurdle is summited a higher one emerges. Kichechians still arrive in trickles not torrents, but trickles all the same. There are still huge difficulties but they realise how much their safari matters to everyone. It is appreciated. Massively. It is frankly overwhelming.

Two bites at the Cherie

Meet John and Cherie Briggs .... Kicheche's final guests in March last year before they had to climb through countless hoops to get home to the States. They are back in Bush Camp. 'This is our favourite place on earth, we want to support it and the Conservancies.' In The Telegraph last weekend Simon Reeve shared reflections on some of the unforgettable trips that have mapped his personal world including a wildlife encounter he will never forget on a Kicheche safari.

Kicheche images

“Travel is part of our make-up; we need it in our lives, and we lose it at our peril.” ' Simon Reeve  In The Telegraph last weekend Simon Reeve shared reflections on some of the unforgettable trips that have mapped his personal world including a wildlife encounter he will never forget on a Kicheche safari.


Rain, grown-up rain, clear skies then 1500+ metres of altitude going to work on the saturated short-grass of Naboisho Conservancy produces mist .... a photographer's dream. However, lions playing over their meal .... killers in the mist .... do not earn the garlands this week.

Hart in mouth.

Those five cheetah boys need scant introduction having patrolled the plains and Conservancies of the Mara with impunity for almost four years. To see them perform takes time, hard time, proper time as they have taken sloth to a fatiguing level of frustration.

Back in the game.

Acres of caustic prose have been written about 2020, Spot of the Week has no intention of adding to this pile of cynicism. Right now a savage storm is ripping across the Mara Conservancies leavening already fertile grasslands. In Laikipia lions are dragging down a buffalo, before parading across the highlands in front of both Mt Kenya and some indifferent white rhino.


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