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Breaking Barriers

As we celebrate #MenstrualHygieneDay, it's time to build a #PeriodFriendlyWorld where girls can easily access affordable menstrual products to reach their fullest potential.

Empowering Communities

We join local peoples for wildlife conservation and economic empowerment. Together we support traditional and sustainable ways of living in harmony with wildlife, ecosystems and the environment.

Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2019

We are thrilled that James Nampaso has been short-listed in the World Guide Awards. We would love it if you could join him and other Kichechians at the Royal Geopgraphical Society on the 2nd October

Even Wilder Night Out

Over the last couple of weeks we have supported the wonderful Chris Packham & Paul Goldstein on their Exodus Travels "Even Wilder Night Out" tour raising funds for The Maa Trust rainwater harvest project.