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Very few family holiday destinations can rival Kenya for its ability to enthrall, excite and educate children. Kenya leads the field with accessible wildlife and at Kicheche, our conservancies provide the greatest wildlife classrooms on the continent combined with the friendliest family teachers.

Broadening your child’s horizon

Broadening a child’s horizon is an important part of parenting and there are few places better equipped to do this than on safari. Whether it is game drives, walks, learning how to make fire, aiming a bow and arrow or understanding Maasai culture, there are few countries that can close to this learning and excitement which is why many families return year after year.

Kicheche is a small independent company of 20 years pedigree. We work and act like one big family whatever age or tribe. Therefore when we are sharing our private wilderness we like to do it with families too, knowing that a family safari is unlike any other holiday.

Kicheche children's activities

Kicheche offers child friendly activities and keeps our youngest guests well entertained on their Kenya holiday adventure. The activities are available at Kicheche Mara and award those young members who participate in all our activities a Certificate of Completion.

Under the supervision of a child’s minder, the kids club’s activities for 6 to 14 years,  include:

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    Beading traditional Maasai bracelets and necklaces
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    Exploratory walks around the camp and identification of animal footprints, bones, plants and leaves
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    Starting a fire without matches
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    Making of bows and arrows and spear launching (Mara only)

Special children’s activities at Kicheche Laikipia in Ol Pejeta Conservancy:

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    Work through all the questions and games in the booklet provided, and

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    Some activities will be organised by the guides and award those young members who participate in all our activities a Certificate of Completion.

Family Privacy

While the whole ethos of Kicheche is based around a small camps, sharing safari experiences, we understand that it is nice for families to connect and enjoy their bush holiday on their own sometimes. We have established dedicated family accommodation in our camps, giving our families that extra privacy that will make their Kenya holidays memorable to every family member, young or old.

Family Suite

The family suite, dedicated to the needs of families, available at each of our camps, has two separate bedrooms, each with en-suite bathroom. The bedrooms are connected by a comfortable lounge area, complete with a sofa and a small table enabling private dining. The suite can take a maximum of 5 guests and comes with exclusive use of vehicle for game drives.

Quad Tents

Available at Kicheche Laikipia, Mara and Valley. Offers a sleeping area for four persons with a shared bathroom. Ideal for young children.

camp walks

Camp walks are suitable for every age and fitness level and represent an ideal bonding experience for families of all sizes and ages on safari. Camp walks are done within the camp’s perimeter and involve the identification of animal footprints, bones, plants and leaves as well as catch and release of butterflies and insects.


The little lake in front of Kicheche Laikipia Camp offers the unique opportunity of canoeing just in the middle of the reserve with a chance of viewing animals coming to drink.

Age limit: 12 and above.

anti poaching dogs display

The visit of Ol Pejeta’s anti-poaching dog unit is a family safari favorite. Your children interact with dog keepers and learn about what it takes to look after a highly trained canine team. After an informative tour of the kennels, guests are encouraged to try and evade our sniffer dogs. Run, jump, twist, turn and find somewhere to hide within the confines of the Morani Information area and see if the bloodhounds can seek you out! Not only is this great fun for our guests and families in particular, but it will also help in keeping the dogs’ skills sharp.

This activity starts at 8.30 am from the Morani Information Centre. Additonal cost, bookable in advance.

Age limit: 12 and above

Learn traditional ways

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children and in today’s interconnected world, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to inspire them to be curious about the world and to become globally aware.

All our kids activities are geared at transforming your Kenya Safari holiday into a unique opportunity for your kids to interact with different cultures and learn traditional ways.

Some of these activities include:

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    Starting a fire without matches
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    Making of bows and arrows
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    Spear launching
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    Visit a local community village


kicheche experience

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what our clients say

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Magical stay, wonderful memories created for the family !
Ginn family
We were overwhelmed by how much we loved our time at Kicheche. We will recommend it to our family and friends. The food and accommodation make Kicheche worth returning to. Our children felt welcome, loved “glamping” and were well fed.
Vassallo family
Even my fussy children have eaten like kings and queens.
Lisa Maddison

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