The Kicheche Community Trust has become the reliable source of funding for projects in and around the conservancy communities where we operate. Its mission is to join with local peoples and partners to support traditional and sustainable ways of living in harmony with wildlife, ecosystems and the environment.

Doctors in the house (Make that camp!)

The eighth (8th!) free Aitong Medical Camp from October 29th to 31st focused on gynecology, pediatrics, dentistry, dermatology and general medicine. Kicheche Mara Camp and the Kicheche Community Trust contributed generously to this annual event allowing seven volunteered doctors to treat almost a thousand patients, 47% of them women.

community - csr for a better tomorrow

Kicheche Community Trust champions four pillars EDUCATION, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT & EMPOWERMENT

The numbers so far show the success of our CSR involvement:

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    1580 Masai families directly benefit from Wildlife Conservancy land leases
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    18 Student scholarships ongoing
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    Six Schools supported
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    Medical equipment donations and annual dental clinics
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    Donations of $5 per bed night support Kicheche Community Trust & Maa Trust


The Kicheche Trust has been supporting the local Aitong (Masai Mara) health clinic for many years. We strongly believe that healthcare is a basic right. Donations made in the past include medicines, medical books, a maternity ward, a dental ward, a water pump, water tanks and upgrading of the existing solar system. We are continually asking for more donations to stock medicines, acquire reference books and other medical equipment as well as for patient transport facilities.

maa trust visit

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    The Maa Trust is a dynamic Trust based in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, a 13.5 thousand hectare wildlife reserve featuring the lowest tourist densities in the Masai Mara area.
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    The Kicheche Bush Camp, located in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, supports the trust with donations of over $10,000 per annum to their annual budget of $150k
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    Women empowerment
    The Maa trust supports one of the most efficient women empowerment programs in the region as well as an innovative beading project employing over 400 women


The Kicheche Community Trust has over the years built and maintained several school class rooms. The Trust sponsored a primary school teacher and has funded his further education studies, donated thousands of school books and stationary and donated towards a school bus and funded 20 educational bursaries. In Laikipia, we take special care of those children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Each year the Kicheche Trust sponsors students at the Koiyaki guiding school and currently employs several graduates as guides and trainee guides.


We’ve run Clean Up campaigns in the small towns on the edge of the conservancies, raised money for mobile cattle bomas to reduce deforestation and promote holistic grazing. Tree planting and supporting a bee hive project are other actions currently underway.

the long run

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    The Long Run is a global organization promoting cutting edge ecotourism practices revolving around the 4Cs: Culture, Community, Conservation and Commerce
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    Kicheche Mara Camp is one of forty progressive members worldwide
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    Long Run members conserve 5.5 million acres of wilderness, invest $10m in the 4Cs and touch the lives of 500,000 people

mara discovery excursion

Visit a local trading centre, a school, a clinic and get to know the local way of life.
Allow 2 hours, this visit is usually made after lunch allowing guests to continue on their afternoon game drive.

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what our clients say

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The Kicheche safari experience at both camps Kicheche Laikipia and Mara, has been first rate, the managers, the green ethos, the staff, the food, the guides, the relationship with the conservancy and its animals & people…everything has been simply wonderful and unforgettable.
Parfect family - U.K
Kicheche is just right – a tonic for the mind and soul. Loved every moment of it, the management, the guides, ambiance is all “just appropriate” for a fantastic & different experience to city life.
Udaya & Hardev - India
We really enjoyed Hudson’s talk on Kicheche Foundation, the Maasai people and ongoing projects. Bravo!
David & Jane - USA

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