Loiter within tent

Lions kill ten meters from tent. Nature in the raw …. and in black and white. Steve took breakfast in his tent that morning. Wisely.

Calf strain

When so-called V.I.B.’s (very important beasts) parade over their allies back yard they can expect a certain amount of fawning, and a length of red carpet to be rolled out but they cannot expect every host to ignore past savagery

“Our stay at Kicheche Valley camp has been one of our most memorable experiences in Africa”

"Our stay at Kicheche Valley camp has been one of our most memorable experiences in Africa"

Everything under the sun

The steaming chai wards off the early morning chill and the lazy sparkling constellations fade into their daily hibernation.

Herding Cats

Even the humblest student of felines will have clicked the series link on the remarkable BBC’s Big Cats these past few weeks. Even the third episode was enthralling and fascination (much against my predictions).

Rain Spots

Almost every morning last week was blessed by a coruscating sunrise, a blazing mid-morning with the kind of light nature lovers and photographers fantasize about.

Family Fortune

As a parent there are surely few things more rewarding than seeing one’s own likes and loves inherited by one’s children.

Kicheche Conservancy Collection Family offer ’18

Very few holiday destinations can rival Africa for its ability to enthrall, excite and educate children.

Kicheche Christmas Epistle

For the last year, early each morning a Kicheche driver starts his ignition carefully and slips the Toyota effortlessly into gear. Each morning he finds and follows a star, seeking that gold that his safari-goers crave, almost every morning he dangles a burnished carat in front of them.