Winter Games

You enjoying it? Yes, so am I but certain events leave me ‘cold’. Call me an alpine atheist but stoic cross country skiing v. lunatic downhill borders? Be serious..

Crèche Course

Recently we carelessly let the seismic sighting of Fig mating slip out into the faunal ether. This garnered frankly frenzied excitement as people calculated...

Cup of Plenty

The competition between camps was fierce as the season kicked off with all the major players getting out early doors to achieve their goals with Africa’s beautiful game.

Heavenly Valley offer  – Kicheche Valley, Mara Naboisho – free night**

We are excited to announce a free night giveaway, exclusive to our luxury Kicheche Valley Camp.

The Long Walk Home

They trot, jog, canter and gallop. Endless charcoal divisions of bewildebeests: desperately frustrated ruminants not knowing when to move North...

Ten is the magic number

Consistent rains have drummed along the plains and pastures of the Mara and beyond, ensuring multi-coursed meals for the ruminants when they arrive shortly. Kicheche’s season finished in celebratory fashion.

Drive Time

Can we yet again offer our sincere and auspicious congratulations to Bush Camp for their satirical and spectacular Spot last week. However in the interests...

“The feel at this tented bush camp is just right. Manager Louise and her Laikipia team have got everything spot on.”

The feel at this tented bush camp is just right. Manager Louise and all her staff have got everything spot on.

Loiter within tent

Lions kill ten meters from tent. Nature in the raw …. and in black and white. Steve took breakfast in his tent that morning. Wisely.

Calf strain

When so-called V.I.B.’s (very important beasts) parade over their allies back yard they can expect a certain amount of fawning, and a length of red carpet to be rolled out but they cannot expect every host to ignore past savagery