High Society

Life at 2000 metres produces ‘rare’ sights but only a rare guide such as Andrew Obaga can find, then record them with such élan.

Play a round

Just as Ryder Cup hostilities start brewing up, it appears that Valley camp fauna has got in on the niggling aggro act with more ‘rough’ than ‘fairway’.

Lions share

The cultured pastures of Mara Naboisho Conservancy have yet again delivered. In some camps a repeat couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, bringing their grown-up daughters could be permitted an indolent morning.

Wild Beasts…

Whatever the sport or hobby there is nothing like boasting new-found jargon, particularly cycling jargon. The Divine Sideburn led his charges out of West London right about the time hordes of ruminants dived in for a snappy drugs-free 50 metre freestyle.

Spot Meter

Of all the animals it is the spotted ones that vie for the most podium time: leopards leaping like Moses or Beamon and cheetahs sprinting like Bolt or Blake.