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Exploring the bush on foot is one the most exhilarating African safari experiences, however, only very few – mostly private – wildlife conservancies in Kenya will allow you to get out of your vehicle. Kicheche offers a variety of walking safari experiences – some short and some overnight – for all ages and fitness levels.

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    The most stunning walking terrains in Kenya

    Our Mara conservancies as well as the Lolldaiga Hills wildlife conservancy just outside our Kicheche Laikipia camp, northwest of Mount Kenya, are home to some of the most stunning wildlife eco-systems in Kenya and offer great walking terrain for both low-key escorted bush walks and overnight walking safaris.

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    Top-rated guides and rangers ensure your safety

    On every walking activity you choose, be it on a local walk or on an overnight walking safari with a private fly-camp under the starlit African sky, you will be accompanied by our KPSGA silver rated guides, who are among the best in Kenya.

    As safety is paramount when leaving camp on foot, all your walks are also escorted by an armed ranger for both game and bird watching.

escorted bush walks

These are escorted nature walks just outside our camps to explore the close-range micro-universe first-hand.

Our interpretive guides will point out the spoor of a leopard, the nest of a rare bird or signs of recent migration activity that would pass unnoticed by the eyes of a stranger and can be overseen on a game drive.

We avail escorted bush walks at all of our camps.

walking safaris with wild camping

We offer dedicated walking safari itineraries in our Mara conservancies and in the Lolldaiga Hills, outside Ol Pejeta. These safaris include an overnight stay on a private mobile campsite and are escorted by professional armed rangers for your safety at all times and our KPSGA guides for an ultimate close-range nature experience.

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    Walking Intensity

    Expect to walk 4-5 hours a day, however, since these walks are run on an exclusive basis, we are flexible and can reduce the pace or daily walking time if you feel you are not fit enough.

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    Wild Camping

    In advance of your arrival for your overnight stay a lightweight fly-camp, staffed by a cook and a camp hand, will be set up. Small dome tents for 2 pax are equipped with camp beds, bedrolls, chairs and a washstand. Basic bathroom facilities are available (long drop toilet and bush shower).

Kicheche Walking Safari Itinerary:

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    Mara Walking Wilderness 5 nights

    This private walking safari takes you on foot from one of our Masai Mara wildlife conservancies to another with wild camping in between. You will be staying at our KICHECHE VALLEY and our KICHECHE BUSH camps.

    Kicheche’s Walking Wilderness safari is led by one of our Silver KPSGA guides and offers an outstanding opportunity to see the Masai Mara from all perspectives with extended game drives, night drives and a walking safari with wild camping between the camps.


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