Ass of a lion

It is seldom, if ever, that one couple earns a Spot double bill. Some may say indulgent or selfish at best. We beg to differ. Steve and Judith have given a very good indication of their skills last week but had, like a parent keeping the best present back till Boxing day, they had been cynically withholding the real prize.

The Golden Shot

Steve and Judith are no strangers to Kicheche. They are also clearly no strangers to their cameras either.

The Wight Stuff

Nancie Wight doesn’t do things by half. Dipping her toes in one Conservancy was clearly not enough for her so she put her not inconsiderable camera skills to work across the trinity of Kicheche Mara Conservancies on her recent safari.

” Our first safari and was just amazing!”

Every details catered for – the game drives were varied and accommodation and food superb!

Stuck in the moment

Imagine explaining to your boss that you were late for work because you had broken down in the middle of a lion pride and you felt getting out would be unwise.

The Big Picture?

And the winner is ……… ‘Lion’ ….err no wait a minute, Steve Holroyd has just proved that it is not always the favourites that pick up the awards.

‘Kicheche Mara has outdone itself. This holiday has been a dream come true!’

I really had no idea what I expected from an African safari. I hoped to be able to get close enough to the animals to see their faces, but this experience blew me away.

Brave Gnu World

Images like these are rarely arrived at by accident. Likewise it is seldom co-incidence that positions a vehicle right down the barrel of a spectacular chase.

Amazing Grace

For over a dozen years Peter and Grace Mason have made Kicheche their temporary home.

Pitter Panthera of tiny paws

Just when you thought the surfeit of spots had reached its Zenith, Mara Camp has had its not inconsiderable say.