Migration Movers & Shakers

Each year, with homing beacons on full charge over a million ruminants cross North from Tanzania to their dry season fertile stronghold in Kenya.

Game of two halves

You know the feeling: you wake up a little late with the bronze sunrise long departed and the day already bright. You almost miss the kick off but are hungry for some action but over-commit in attack and suddenly you are outflanked by some buffalo wingers. 

Tough Old Bird

When you film or photograph wildlife, you yearn for originality over everything else. With no hyperbole, a leopard hunting a Lappet-faced vulture - Africa’s largest, with a nine-foot wingspan - is a first. Anywhere.

The Great Gestation

When the radio crackles gently and the Maasai missive includes the word Chui, Duma or Vichwa, the pulse rises. When the feline phrase is tailed by toto, the heart rate elevates into dangerous territory. This week's Spot is a natal update from our three Mara Camps.

Aard currency

It may be at the beginning of the dictionary but it is rarely at the beginning of any safari, in fact it is rarely seen at all. So let's just consider this sighting, not one aardwolf but two, in daytime. Mating.

Grin up north

Mara North, you slay us, as do the set of sorcerers (better collective required) that consistently mine from the highest carat faunal seam. George, Jimmy, Saruni et al we thank you.  I don't think you can have herds of leopards but that is what they seem to find. Regularly.

Unforgettable Journey

Perhaps the most inescapably African mammal is the giraffe. For much of the day they stand pensively, observing from their airy penthouse. Giraffes are such a fixture that despite their height they can be underappreciated. Not at Kicheche they are not.  

She’s one of our own

The facts: Akira, daughter of the venerable Tito, Olare Conservancy. Cub (her first)... tiny (5 weeks), Nancie Wright, seasoned Kichechian, the above title employable for both of them. Top work Charles Wandero, top work Nancie. This is spotted box office but even the most rudimentary safari fan knows how challenging it is for her to look after this beautiful A-lister, Akira nightly patrols are what she might need.

For Fox Sake

Perhaps the signature species are indulged too often. Many would disagree but I recall 20 years ago Boniface Ole Mpario (Kicheche's venerable first head guide) gasping with joy as he located two of these immaculately created young scamps race across the plains at dawn: ' Now that' he paused theatrically 'is my favourite creature'. He may have a point.

Stripes of the Week

Hyenas divide opinion, that will never change but as a species their family characteristics are fascinating, second only to elephants. They are also not uncommon but that all changes when spots change to stripes (never thought I'd ever write that).