The passion for wildlife that the guides have is infectious.

Anisha Shah, Kenya

James Nampaso

kicheche bush

You generally hear the rumbling laugh before you catch sight of him, which is saying something for his laugh as he towers over most, even Maasai. Adept with families, photographers, honeymooners or whoever we throw at him, he is an integral part of the Bush Camp Holy trinity.

Charles Wandero

kicheche bush

Whenever there is a good sighting in Olare Orok conservancy or the reserve the chances are Charles was there first. This broad-shouldered, softly spoken Kikuyu is a rock for Kicheche, consistently one of our most requested guides.

Nelson Kasoe

kicheche bush

To be in the shadow of the ‘trinity’ may spook some guides, not Nelson. He knows every blade of grass of the conservancy and seemingly is on first name terms with all the predators, this is quite an ask as this particular area has the only growing lion population in Africa. Top man, top guide.

Patrick Koriata

kicheche bush

Patrick is not only a truly outstanding guide in every aspect, he is also a very intelligent man who can discuss traditional Maasai dancing with the same vim and vigour as he can gestation periods. He is Kicheche to the core, he was once asked what he likes best about his job ‘ hearing that people are returning and requesting me as their guide again’, he must really like his job then as he gets asked this a lot.

Simon Alepel Lomelo

kicheche laikipia

Whether he does have mystical skills in locating wild dogs is still under debate but he is frankly astonishing when it comes to canids and other predators for that matter.

Peter Kariuki

kicheche laikipia

His guests have made comments that he’s careful and sensitive to their needs. Knowledgeable, considerate and very sensitive to all safari-goers needs.

Mika Kaleku

kicheche valley

If this young man is the future of the Mara, we are in safe hands. Simply a brilliant guide, silver qualified, looking to increase his carat value, he is a prized asset. This is a man who can hold a deep conversation
with a full vehicle, sipping his chai whilst looking over his shoulder driving on lumpy granite … and still spot a leopard cub.

Bernard Soit

kicheche valley

Another top graduate from the guiding school (which Kicheche sponsors) Bernard is home grown from Ole Sere and revels in the continual success of the Mara Naboisho conservancy, his own back yard. Regularly provides ‘Spots’ of the week and is a fantastic birder.

Benjamin Kaluena

kicheche valley

Seven years ago Benja was a tent assistant. No longer, he is now one of our most senior and accomplished members of the guiding inner circle. He is not only another of the top spotters, he also has a wonderful temperament.

David Nchoe

kicheche mara

Lean, keen and often seen, David is making large areas of Mara North his own. He has the uncanny ability of not only finding often notoriously elusive game but also being in the right place when the action starts.

Jimmy Tinka

kicheche mara

Another extremely popular guide, Jimmy is also incredibly hard-working as well as a tremendous spotter. Whether it is bee eaters, hyena pups or serval, Jimmy misses nothing. It is a ridiculous CV for one so comparatively young.

George Nampaso

kicheche mara

Past through guiding school with flying colours, George has family connections all over the Mara but is never happier than when guiding. Thoughtful, quietly spoken and thorough, he has a fantastic future with us.

Francis Saruni

kicheche mara

Passionate about guiding. Francis has guided hundreds of photographers and is very good with birders and families.

Peter Njapit

kicheche laikipia

Lively guide with outstanding humour and also very popular with families.


what our clients say

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Jimmy, a wonderful guide with a 6th sense of where the animals should be. Great company.
David & Jane - UK
Patrick has been an excellent guide, he always manages to put us exactly where the animals are going to be, so they come to us rather than us following them. He is knowledgeable about all the birds and animals and has a great sense of humour. He has really made this a fantastic safari with a real gift for his role as a guide.
Ravin & Ria
Jimmy understands photography and gets the vehicle in just the right position.
Janet & Richard - UK