Four Lions

A film by the same name was released about seven years ago by the staggeringly talented Chris Morris.

Dead in the water

James Nampaso was guiding Chris Hopkins last week and was fully aware that it is not always necessary to make the long drive to the Mara river when more discerning animals are traversing the Ntiatiak on his own Conservancy doorstep.

Valley of tears (of joy)

It is rare in a week to have such a tally but Andrew’s team have been performing miracles at the Valley last week’s spot clearly got his guides stung so they go straight out and find that missing leopard with her young.

Reigning Cats and Dogs..

When you arrive on your 20th safari you would think that it might be challenging to find fresh challenges. This may be so in the congested trails of other national Parks and Reserves but not the Mara Conservancies.

Go Fig’ure

Fig serves up a double for Wimbledon. No fault here! Bill Westbrook, who else, with Patrick Koriata, this week In OMC……. OMG Doubts of losing the cubs in the first rounds were dashed